Katie Piper reveals her 2nd trimester baby bump in new video

Watch how TV presenter and charity founder Katie Piper is bumping along...


She announced the news of her 2nd pregnancy just 2 weeks ago ?


But we’re already seeing how well Katie Piper is bumping along, thanks to a lovely vid she recently shared on Instagram.

Rocking a fuchsia dress from her own collection at Want That Trend (and it’s not a maternity dress), the video shows a glammed-up Katie stood straight on and appearing to have next-to-no bump at all. 

It’s when she turns to the side that we get a full glimpse of her growing pregnancy belly.

Now, Katie has kept her due date private, and has yet to reveal if she’s found out her baby’s sex.

However, she did reveal recently that she’s been trying to get pregnant for a long time, so there’s a fair chance she decided not to announce the good news before the customary 12-week mark.

That means she’s probably in her 2nd trimester right now.

Here at MFM HQ, we do tend to see celebs waiting until around the 4/5-month mark before sharing their happy news with the public.

So, we’d guess Katie’s hovering around that number somewhere.

Whenever the new baby arrives, he or she will be welcomed by Katie, her husband Richard Sutton and their 3-year-old daughter Belle ?

Image/Video: Instagram/Katie Piper

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