The BIG difference between Katie Piper’s 1st and 2nd baby bumps

Katie’s 6 months along with her 2nd baby – here’s what’s changed this time round


Everyone knows that no 2 pregnancies are the same – even if both of those pregnancies are yours, right?


Designer and TV presenter Katie Piper is no exception to the rule, revealing exclusively to MFM that her 6-month bump this time round is looking very different from her 1st…

“This bump sticks out more at the front,” she shares.

“So a lot of people have said that means I’m having a boy. I don’t know if those old wives’ tales come true… we’ll see.”

Hmm ??? What do you reckon?

Mind, there’s another thing that’s slightly different for Katie with baby no 2, and that’s what she’s craving.

“I’ve eaten so much [today] – I never usually eat this much. I’m just craving loads of sweet stuff – I can’t be healthy.  Pastries, chocolate, sugar, that kind of thing.”

And hasn’t it been said that craving sweet treats obsessively means you’re expecting a girl?

Of course, none of these predictors are in any way scientific, even though there are dozens and dozens of homemade ‘tests’ and superstitious tricks you can play around with.

And it’s a 50/50 guess either way, right? So surely something’s gonna hit the nail on the head…

? ?

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Images: Instagram/Katie Piper

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