Katie Price cancels trip to Australia due to pregnancy health scare

Katie Price has revealed that she has been forced to cancel her business trip to Australia following a health scare


Katie Price  took to Twitter to announce that she is no longer able to make a planned work trip to Australia to launch her first shoe line as she has had experienced shortness of breath and feeling faint.


She said: “I’m devastated I’m not going to be able to make my Australia trip now due to health reasons. I promise I will come soon and it’s been a year of planning but I can’t risk my babies health and my health is something I can’t control. Long haul flights have been banned by my Dr. Gutted.”

She also told Australian magazine NW: “The last couple of weeks I have had some issues breathing, and I knew that something really wasn’t right. I could only walk short distances before I started feeling really faint and it became even harder to breathe.

“After extensive tests I was given the bad news I would not be cleared to fly long-haul from here on, which has completely devastated me, after the last year of planning the launch for my first couture shoe line.”

Katie also told the magazine that this recent health scare had left her really “worried” and that she had feared for her life.

Katie’s fourth pregnancy has been a difficult one, by her own admission, as she recently hinted that she may be expecting twins in an interview with Digital Spy.

She said: “It’s the biggest one [of all my pregnancies], but there are reasons why it’s big,”

She then began talking about what she’d do “once [she’s] had the babies, or baby”

Watch this space!

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