Katie Price claims Britney Spears started the sexualisation of children (seriously!)

Oops she’s done it again! Katie Price lays down the gauntlet for yet another celeb row as she dubs Britney Spears the culprit for kids dressing provocatively.


Katie Price wasted no time in her Oxford Union speech, marking Britney Spears’ Hit Me Baby video as the reason for the worrying trend of the sexualisation of children. Speaking at a Government review of the much-debated issue, Katie no doubt left with the words pot and kettle ringing in her ears.


Presumably forgetting her repeated forays with thigh high boots, short skirts and revealing tops, Katie believes schoolgirls wearing short skirts are trying to emulate Britney’s iconic pop video.

It’s not just Britney that Katie’s blaming – it’s the pop industry in general that the former glamour model claims encourages this type of thing.

But it doesn’t look like Katie is safe in her self proclaimed ivory tower, as critics have been quick to point out that her own daughter, Princess, has been spotted sporting make-up and having her hair straightened.

Perhaps don’t lose any sleep over thoughts that Katie is about to launch a career in politics, her speech was the shortest on record for the event (even Kermit the Frog had more to say).

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