Katie Price shares new baby pic (kinda)

New mum Katie Price confuses her fans by posting a gorgeous newborn pic – of someone else's baby


Katie Price gave birth to her baby girl just 2 weeks ago, and our hearts practically skipped a beat when she posted this picture of a sweet newborn on her Twitter feed.


We thought she’d shunned the offer of magazine deals and selflessly shared a photo of her new baby with fans on social media.

“Sooo cute,” the new mum tweeted.

But don’t be fooled, MFMers! As some of her fans quickly worked out, the photo Katie shared was actually an old one, taken 4 years ago by US professional photographer Carrie Sandoval.

“I am completely honoured that Katie Price adores the photograph of one of my newborn clients,” Carrie told The Mirror – although, she added, she would have appreciated it even more if Katie had given her a proper photo credit.

“Actually, the best she could have done,” said Carrie, “would simply be to fly me out to the UK to photograph her baby for real!”

Responding to angry tweets from a few fans who said they felt ‘tricked’, Katie’s spokesperson eventually confirmed the picture was indeed not of Katie’s newborn daughter. “Katie saw an image she thought was sweet and up-loaded it to Twitter via You Gossip,” the spokesperson explained.

Well, it seems we’ve got a while longer to wait before we see the first pics of Katie’s newborn – and find out her name!

Photo: Twitter / Katie Price

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