Katie v Tom – the battle for Suri Cruise begins

Is Scientology behind divorce proceedings for Cruises?


Late last week Katie Holmes initiated divorce proceedings against husband of five years Tom Cruise, setting in motion a potentially bitter battle for the A-list couple’s daughter Suri, six. Plus mum and daughter are rumoured to have moved out of the New York apartment they shared with Cruise, and relocated elsewhere in Manhattan.


The anticipated fight for custody of daughter Suri could be long and costly. Katie, 33, filed for divorce in New York, where she and Suri are currently based, while a shocked Tom, 49, was on location filming his latest movie Oblivion, in Iceland. However, the latest move from Tom’s legal team aims to have the divorce proceedings hearing moved from NY to Los Angeles. It’s rumoured that Katie Holmes filed in NY because judges there are more likely to give sole custody to one parent in a contested divorce, while LA judges favour joint custody.

While rumours about an impending split have been swirling around for several months – the couple were last seen together back in February – little is known about the real reason Katie finally filed for divorce.

Tom’s well-documented and allegedly high-ranking position in the Church of Scientology movement has attracted much speculation, with even media mogul Rupert Murdoch tweeting over the weekend to offer his opinion:

‘Watch Katie Holmes and Scientology story develop. Something creepy, maybe even evil, about these people.’


It’s been reported that Katie has no plans to contest the pre-nuptial agreement she and Tom signed before their wedding, so it seems money is not the issue. Her film and TV career means she is independently wealthy.
But it has to be hoped that the couple can settle their differences enough to give Suri the stable and settled upbringing a little girl of six surely deserves, away from frenzied media attention and with access to both of her parents?
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