Kelly Rowland lets slip the sex of Beyonce’s baby!

Beyonce’s ex-bandmate Kelly Rowland accidentally reveals that pregnant Beyonce is pregnant with a girl!


X Factor judge Kelly Rowland is likely to be in the doghouse this week after telling reporters that Beyonce is expecting a baby girl. Beyonce’s pregnancy was one of the best-kept secrets in Hollywood, with the bootylicious singer actually managing to announce her own pregnancy (shock horror!). Looks like Beyonce’s friend and former Destiny’s Child bandmate Kelly didn’t get the memo on keeping mum though – and she’s set the be the baby’s godmother!


“I think her dad is gonna give her everything”, Kelly gushed to US Weekly magazine reporters. Going on to say how well behaved she believed the baby would be and how she hadn’t decided what gift to give her, it seemed that once Kelly had started, she just couldn’t stop.

Rumours were already circulating that Beyonce was expecting a girl after another source claimed the star ordered a pair of pink baby Louboutins. 

Kelly went on to tell reporters how keen she was to help out with babysitting once the baby arrives, so maybe Beyonce should put Kelly on call for a bit to make up for her slip-up?!


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