You might not immediately recognise her name - but any mum with a long-haired son will recognise how reality star Kendra Wilkinson’s feeling in this cutting new Instagram post.


Kendra - best known in the UK for appearing on I’m A Celeb and E!’s Girls Of The Playboy Mansion - is married to American footballer Hank Baskett, and the couple share 2 kids: 6-year-old son Hank and 2-year-old daughter Alijah Mary.

And the mum has taken to social media to slam the trolls who pick on Lil Hank (as she calls him) and his long, curly mane.

Sick of seeing comments saying she should cut it all off, Kendra shared this gorgeous pic of Hank to her 2.2m followers.

She wrote alongside it:

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“Last night Lil Hank asked to read comments from my social media. I knew there were people on here talking sh*t about his hair...

“I looked through quickly before showing him n noticed these a**holes talking about Lil Hank's hair look the part of being nice ladies. Had that look you know, the mom look.

“It's a shame that they have to go so low n talk about a 6 yr old like that.

“I would NEVER do that, you know why? Because I'm happy n want to see other people happy. I love to see people be who they want to be n look how they want. It's a blessing to be you and be different.

“Lil Hank loves his hair long and I love that he's happy. Can you blame me? So why don't you judgmental "get ur boy a haircut" people sit down and shut the f**k up.

“What if you found out Hank read your comment n felt bad about himself? How would you feel about yourself? F***ing scum of the earth a**holes.”

Kendra’s post obviously resonated with many mums out there - who were all quick to agree with the TV personality’s choice of words.

One mum wrote: “My 9yr old BOY has had beautiful long curlies since he was a baby. He LOVES his hair, it is who he is! He gets called a girl, everyday #longhairdontcare it's hair people!! ??”

While another added: “My son is 6 with long hair and we get sh*t about it all the time.. people calling him a girl and telling him he needs it cut.. but why? It's his hair.”

Though we’d def say ‘each to their own’ when it comes to your child’s hair… Kendra makes several really good points here.

Because, um, since when is it OK to say nasty things about how a 6-year-old looks?

So we’re really glad Kendra shared this as a reminder to those who need reminding... and hopefully she can now show her son all the nice comments about his on her social media ?

Mind, Kendra’s not the only celeb mum to experience similar comments.

Susie Verrill, who shares 2-year-old son Milo with boyfriend Greg Rutherford, also snapped back at ‘haters’, after the couple were criticised for dressing Milo ‘in girl clothes’ and letting him have long hair.


In her post, she stated that she and Greg were growing Milo’s hair - and when they popped it up in a top-knot, they just knew to expect criticism.

But they were surprised when the combo of the ‘top-knot’ and Milo’s stylish outfit led people to criticise the couple for dressing their son ‘as a girl’.

“I’m safe in the knowledge Milo’s trendy (I can use that word now I’m a mum) and even if he wasn’t, he’s happy. And that’s all that matters,” Susie wrote.


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Images: Instagram/Kendra Wilkinson Baskett, Instagram/Susie Verrill

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