Kendra: ‘Pregnancy sex? My husband won’t touch me’

Pregnant US celeb Kendra Wilkinson reveals her football-star husband Hank Baskett won't have sex with her in her last trimester


Model and US reality-TV star Kendra Wilkinson is 7 months pregnant – and complaining that her husband Hank Baskett, a former NFL player, won’t have sex with her.


“I’m in my third trimester and I’m feeling every little bit of it,” says Kendra in her new blog for People magazine. “I’m round, tired, grouchy, smelly and horny.”

Hank, she adds, “treats me so well” but “the sex is lacking this pregnancy. I’m a very sexual creature. I love my man and sex, but sometimes I feel Hank is not attracted to me.”

With her typical blunt honesty, Kendra puts Hank’s lack of ‘bedroom interest’ down to some of the more, erm, unappealing side effects of late pregnancy.

“He tells me,” she says, “that I complain about this pain or that pain every 5 minutes (especially since the baby is sitting really low and I feel like she’s breaking and crushing things down there), so why would he want to touch me?”

“And when I cough, I either fart, pee or cramp. OK, OK. He’s got me there and it makes perfect sense!”

Kendra is full of praise, though, for the way Hank’s been supporting her through her pregnancy. “He is a hands-on-dad with Lil Hank [their 4-year-old son], taking one for the team to help me relax as much as I can.

“And I still catch him staring at me or taking pics and telling me how beautiful I am, pregnant or not … so sweet.”

Do Kendra’s complaints about a lack of third-trimester sex sound familiar to you? Did you – or your partner – go off sex when you were heavily pregnant? Do please post a comment and tell.

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