Kerry Katona’s Instagram fans have criticised her - after she revealed that her 3-year-old daughter DJ had given herself a haircut.


The 36-year-old mum-of-5 shared a snap of little Dylan Jorge’s masterpiece with her followers, writing alongside it:

"My DJ who thought it would be a good idea to cut her own hair!!!! But she still looks beautiful ✂️✂️✂️????"

Quickly, Kerry was taken to task by commenters who assumed DJ’s handy work was completed with a pair of real scissors.

“Leaving her with scissors? What if she cut her face?” wrote one. While another chimed in: "Oh dear you shouldn’t have left her with scissors, Kerry!”

But TV personality Kerry wasn’t having it, pointing out:

"Nobody was hurt during DJ hairdressing disaster!!! So slagging me off by saying "what if" don't you all think I know this!!” she began.

"But rather think about what could of happened which nothing harmful did happen apart from a typical toddler playing hairdresser gone wrong!!

"DJ isn't the first toddler in the world to have done this and nor will be the last! ??"

Obviously, a 3-year-old being able to access and run amok with a pair of glistening, pin-sharp scissors is the opposite of ideal.

BUT how do we know this DIY do wasn’t created with a pair of blunt or plastic scissors? Some of team MFM testify that these pretend cutters can make their way through our little ones’ hair.

"My daughter managed to do this to her hair with 'safety scissors', the ones designed to barely cut paper that you buy for preschoolers," added one of Kerry's fans.

"I was sitting in room with her laughing at her "trying" to cut a fringe ???? I stopped laughing very quickly when a chunk of hair fell to the floor ?? #hatersgonnahate#cuteasabutton"

Whatever happened here, it’s important to note that little DJ was totally unharmed, and seems to be loving her new (albeit tidied-up-by-mum) hair.

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Images: Instagram/Kerry Katona

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