Kids need to brush up on oral health

Nearly half of children under 12 have tooth decay as parents admit it’s a constant battle


We’re all for giving the tooth fairy the odd 50p, but her little wings might struggle with her load as millions of parents admit getting their kids to brush their teeth is an ongoing struggle.


More than 20% of mums revealed their children only brush their teeth once a day, with 1 in 50 saying their kids don’t brush their teeth at all!

As kids hit school age, 13% already have a least one filling and nearly half of children under 12 have tooth decay. Researches at Aquafresh found that parents are steering clear of the dentist, too. A shocking 6% of children have never sat in the big chair (think of all the stickers they’re missing out on!).

Just over 50% of mums said a lot of the time, the topic of cleaning teeth leads to arguments. Leading dentist, Dr Tina Tanna told the Telegraph, “Dental decay is one of the most preventable diseases in the UK. Every mum knows how it is to get children to brush their teeth but there results show how important this really is.”

Researchers recently revealed coconut oil could be the answer to children’s tooth decay. But, while they’re busy doing clever things in the lab, we’ve got 10 essential tips for keeping tiny teeth healthy, how to look after your child’s first teeth as well as key tips to keep your whole family’s teeth healthy.


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