Kim Kardashian’s growing inflatabump

The mum-of-1 reveals how she knows her bump is just about to pop


Standing side-on in the mirror during the early stages of pregnancy, it’s almost impossible not to wonder when your bump will start to show.


And as pregnant Kim Kardashian reaches her fourth month she’s revealed exactly how she knows her bump is about to show, because it pops out by the end of the day and disappears every morning…

The mum-of-1 is expecting her second child with husband Kanye West in early December. But it’s not just Kim, 34, who’s noticed this phenomenon, our MFM forum users in the December birth club have dubbed it the ‘inflatabump’. And we couldn’t put it better ourselves!

“Think mine’s more inflatabump at the minute lol looking huge now but it will be gone at breakfast!” says one forum user – who’s due in December like Kim. “We had a picnic with friends today, I sat down, ate, stood up 20 minutes later and everyone was shocked, one even asked if I was sure of the dates lol then the jokes about huge babies started….it blows up so quick!”

When did your baby bump start to show? Let us know in the comments below.

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