She's not usually noted for letting motherhood stand in the way of a good outfit, but Kim Kardashian is reportedly furious that her second pregnancy is causing her feet to swell so much that her favourite heels might have to be replaced with FLATS!

The devastating news came to light when a source (her pedicurist? Kanye? An assistant in her local Shoe Fayre?) revealed to the gossip website that Kim's trotters were so inflamed, her usual strappy stilettos just wouldn't slip on.

"Kim can’t fit into any of her favorite shoes," the mole imparted. "Her feet are swollen and hurt, and the last thing Kim wants to do is wear ugly, unflattering flats."

Kim's swollen pregnancy feet

Indeed! Like, who would want to see out their pregnancy in a sensible ballet pump or natty Converse (er, most of us - and to be fair to Kim she did recently upload a shot of her trainer-clad feet to Instagram with a note saying she was very relieved to be wearing them!)

And it would seem it's not just Kim's tootsies which have increased in size with her second pregnancy - the same website also reports that the mum-to-be has already gained 15lbs just four months in - although the star told the Today news site that it has all gone to her bust!

"It’s in my boobs right now. My boobs are huge!" she said - as though the world may not have noticed that fact already given the latex maternity dress incident just a few weeks ago.

Meanwhile, over on planet Kanye, the devoted dad has been telling anyone who'll listen (well, the readers of Q magazine) how he puts little North before any work commitments:

"While (Nori’s) here in Europe I have to have six hours a day with her because otherwise I’ll just work and she’ll get scheduled around meetings. Instead, the meetings get scheduled around her," the rap star revealed.

So swollen feet, big boobs, hetic work schedules...almost makes you think that maybe Kim and Kanye are just normal parents after all, doesn't it?

Photos: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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