Kimberley Walsh’s mum makes ‘Bobby’ homemade pie and cakes

The Girls Aloud star Kimberley is keeping up her energy levels with a lovely edible gift from her mum


New mum Kimberley Walsh, whose son Bobby was born last Thursday, has been given a whole batch of homemade goodies by her mum.


The Girls Aloud star thanked her mum, Diane, on Twitter for bringing around the batch of delicious-looking treats, and said: “Not gonna go hungry any time soon that’s for sure!”

The edible booty included a fruit cake, a pie topped with pastry letters to spell out ‘Bobby’ and a chocolate pudding with ‘Bobs’ written in green and blue sweets.

The pudding also had two pairs of miniature white footprints stepping across the chocolate topping.

Setting a fantastic example for brand new grans, the hearty homemade treats are probably just what Kimberley needs right now. And with her baby’s name decorated on the top, they make a lovely gift.

Kimberley’s thank you tweet to her mum was the singer’s first since she announced the birth of her baby on 4 September. Bobby was born on his due date (which is actually unusual – , and Kimberley’s boyfriend Justin Scott was at her side throughout.

Pic: Kimberley Walsh/Twitter

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