Kirstie Allsopp admits struggling as a mum

TV presenter confesses it’s tough to raise children, pursue a career and look glamorous

Kirstie Allsopp has revealed it’s impossible for women to have it all, in an interview with Closer magazine.


The Location Location Location presenter, who is mum to Bay, 3, and Oscar, 1, said she struggles to balance her work and family life. Last week she also revealed she feels the pressure to look good on the school run. As luck would have it, Claudia Schiffer’s children also attend the same school!

“I resent women in the public eye who look glam, do glamorous jobs and try to pretend they have it all when they don’t. You can’t have it all without help,” she said. “Even as a ‘celebrity mum’ myself, there’s huge expectation that you’ll have a natural birth, get your figure back immediately, take naturally to motherhood and continue a successful career. It’s rubbish.”


Kirstie also revealed she regrets returning to work just three months after having Oscar. “It was too soon, but he was born when the recession was starting to bite. People were saying property shows were finished and I panicked as I thought I might be out of a job. That’s one of my biggest regrets.”


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