Klum hopes for new baby girl

Heidi Klum and husband Seal want a little girl to add to their brood


Stunning supermodel Heidi Kum, who is pregnant with her fourth child, has admitted she is hoping to give birth to a baby girl.


Speaking to US Magazine, the 35-year-old wife of singer Seal, revealed: “We’d be happy with either but it would be a lie if I said we all weren’t hoping for a little girl.”

Klum added that her daughter Leni, whom she had with race-car mogul Flavio Briatore, has agreed to be a good sister to the new arrival.

“She’ll say, ‘I hope it’s a girl so she can be in my room, and I’m going to help you and I’m going to change the diapers and I’m going to be a really good sister!'”

According to Klum, her other kids are unlikely to be jealous of the new baby when it comes as they are “used to new additions”.

She and Seal agreed not to find out the sex of their new baby before the birth as there are “so few surprises in life”.


Klum is currently working on US reality series Project Runway which pitches up-and-coming designers against each other on the catwalk. 

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