Kourtney Kardashian’s pregnancy anti-cravings

Morning sickness plagues pregnant Kourtney’s diet, leaving no room for any bizarre cravings


Pregnant Kourtney Kardashian is having a difficult second pregnancy, with most of her favourite foods being turned down by her bump.


“I can’t eat most things,” the 32-year-old reality TV star told US Weekly. “I have kind of all-day sickness and no cravings. Even pizza is disgusting.”

The mum-to-be is expecting her second baby next Spring with husband Scott Disick. The couple haven’t found out whether their baby with be a brother or sister to their 2-year-old son Mason.

“Whatever is meant to be will be. I want just a healthy, happy baby,” Kourtney said.

Sister Khloe has talked about Kourtney’s morning sickness early in the pregnancy, saying she’s having a more difficult pregnancy this time round, and is sticking to the blandest of diets.

“I’m just eating whatever I can … whatever I can tolerate,” Kourtney explained.

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