Remember all the hoo-ha when Strictly's Kristina Rihanoff shared her baby news in the Celeb Big Brother house? Well yesterday, the pro dancer revealed to ITV's This Morning programme just WHY she made her pregnancy announcement in such a public manner.


And it seems it was not actually as shocking as it appeared, because all those who actually needed to know - namely Ben's twin daughters Harriette and Isabelle from a former relationship - had already been let in on the secret.

"It was most important for Ben to tell his twins before the show," said Kristina. "But he didn't have them for a few days prior to the show, so we couldn't announce it in the press or on Twitter."

Ben and Kristina

Ben's girls are from his marriage to Abby Blayney, who the rugby star tied the knot with in 2003. The couple divorced in March this year, after 2 years of estrangement.

Kristina told This Morning's Holly and Phillip that Ben's girls were their main priority in terms of sharing their news, and she would have never made her big reveal if they hadn't already been aware she was pregnant.

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"I had to go into the house keeping it quiet so he could tell his family, his daughters, that was the most important thing for us to make sure they knew first," she explained.

"Obviously when I was already on Big Brother I knew that he had spoken to the girls so I announced it on Big Brother."

Kristina admits it wasn't an ideal scenario though, and that she would have liked to have kept mum throughout her stint in the house, but in order to fully participate in the show and the various tasks, she felt she had no choice but to let people know she was expecting.

"I did think maybe I will keep it quiet but then people were drinking in the house doing crazy tasks, and I thought how can I keep it quiet?" she said. "Because they would be thinking she is physically fit so why can't she take part?"

Ben and Kristina met on the set of Strictly back in 2013, but insist they had no romantic involvement until Ben split from Abby. The couple's little girl Milena - known as Mila - was born in June.

Oooh, the demands of the showbiz life, eh? Can you imagine anything worse than having to announce your pregnancy in this way? But thank GOODNESS Ben's older kids were already in the loop - that's the most important part, right?

Pics: Ben Cohen/Instagram, Kristina Rihanoff Instagram

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