Lancashire council says ‘NO’ to the Gingerbread Man

Popular nursery rhyme the Gingerbread Man is dumped in favour of, wait for it, the Gingerbread Person


Lancashire council has declared the Gingerbread Man is too gender specific and have renamed it ‘The Gingerbread Person’ on 400 primary school menus.


Parents in the region are said to be shocked at the name change and many have spoken out about how it’s ‘ridiculous’.

“I am all for anti-discrimination but this is a pudding. The gingerbread man is a character from a rhyme in a book, for goodness sake,” said one mum.

The name change featured on the new autumn-winter weekly menu provided by the Lancashire School Meals service.

“It is totally ridiculous political correctness, nobody wants to talk about gingerbread people. They are what they are,” said Laura Midgley from the Campaign Against Political Correctness.


The council has since claimed the name change was a mistake and have confirmed the Gingerbread Man will be back on the school menu in the New Year.


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