Lights, camera, action… would YOU hire a labour photographer?

Women in the UK are jumping at the American trend of labour photographers


Labour photographers could become the norm, as the American trend captures the imagination of British mums-to-be.


Around 12 labour photographers are currently in the UK, ready to capture every (highly intimate) detail of labour room antics, reports the Daily Mail.

Some argue the idea of contraction-fuelled pictures is a step too far, taking the ‘life through a lense’ trend to extremes. Others insist it captures emotions and first moments that otherwise would be missed.

Apparently, you can choose to have a DVD of the images, with the X-rated bits cut out for when you show your friends (thank goodness!).

Of her labour photography experience, one mum said, “There’s so much in them I would never have known about, like the look on Guy’s face, or how he helped me through it.” Arguably, you might also see things you’d rather you hadn’t. So, the question remains, would you?


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