Lily Allen and Myleene Klass tweet strong views

Myleene comes to Lily’s defence after she tweets openly about a woman’s right to choose


Smoke must be coming out of Lily Allen and Myleene Klass’s keyboards this morning as the pair took to Twitter to vent their thoughts on babies, parenting and the life of a single mum.


Lily kick started the tweet-a-thon with a tweet many parents can no doubt empathise with, “Ok, babies are lovely but quite hard work”. Things got a little heated as Lily continued, “Sometimes there are lovely Dads who take their responsibilities very seriously and work very hard to look after their babies… BUT, sometimes, quite often, when the baby’s [sic] cry a lot the man gets frustrated and leaves the baby and the lady that had the baby.”

Continuing (we’re not sure Lily gets the 140 character thing), Lily started to sound like she was releasing lyrics from her upcoming album – said to be influenced by motherhood – tweeting, “He sticks his fingers in his ears and pretends that the baby isn’t really there, he stops answering his phone when the lady calls… The lady gets very sad and feels very alone and angry and even though she love her baby more than anything… She wonders what her life might have been like if she had never had the baby in the first place.”

Lily appears to have received several messages from Pro Life supporters, adding, “So to all the Pro Lifers spamming me with shit. This is one of the many reasons I believe a woman should have a right to choose. The end”. Lily also wrote, “Wow there are A LOT of women haters out there. Scary sh*t. #myuterusisMYuterus”

Pregnant Lily, who is mum to daughter Ethel Mary, appeared to strike a cord with mum-of-two Myleene Klass who tweeted, “EVERYONE please read @lilyrosecooper twitter feed. #honest #wise #brave.” Myleene, who split from her husband earlier this year, added, “Those condemning @lilyrosecopper have looser tongues than morals. Mamas are strong in mind and body, they have to be. Support, don’t condemn them.”

Myleene signed off, “Speak up because you are a mum that’s living it. If you don’t know, don’t speak because you are simply an idiot. END.”

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