After giving birth to her second daughter, Marnie Rose, one week ago singer Lily Allen has been literally left 'holding the baby' as she claims the NHS has not provided her and her newborn with adequate care.


Referring to the NHS as 'overstretched', the second time mum tweeted yesterday about her experience since leaving hospital last Wednesday.

"So after speaking to the Brent midwifery team at 7 this morning, I was told to stay in all day and someone would be over to weigh my baby [] And do a jaundice assessment as I've been a bit worried. Waited all day, and nothing, not even a phone call. She'll be a week old tomorrow."

Lily, renowned for being outspoken via the social media site, then considered the implications for mothers who may not be as lucky as herself.

"I don't mean to moan and I know how over stretched the health service is. But I can't help but think about how mothers with less support [] Both financially and emotionally are meant to cope. What if I was having real problems. I haven't been able to get an answer on the phone."

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Allen then conceded that midwives are generally 'angels', but that the system could 'surely do better' than the treatment she has received this past week.

The Smile singer continued to tweet: "It may be worth mentioning that when I was discharged from hospital with my last baby,14 months ago the midwives were there 3 hours later." Followed by a handful of hashtags: #waytogocoalition #CUTS #nhs

A spokesman for the Royal College of Midwives said, as reported by the Daily Mail: "Any woman should reasonably expect to know when they will get their first visit or phone call from a midwife within a couple of days of being discharged. We would advise any woman who doesn’t have that information to contact the maternity unit directly."

The tweets from Lily come just a few days after UCAS reported a record rise in the number of students applying for midwifery courses.

Marnie's first week in the world seems to be getting off to a rough start, after Lily last night tweeted: "#norovirus In the house. Uh oh"

The only way is up, eh Lily?