Lily Allen celebrates her leaky breasts

New mum Lily’s been sharing her breast milk mishaps on Twitter…including how far her milk fires!


Lily Allen might have kept tight lipped about the name of her new baby girl, Ethel Mary (we found out, ha!), but the same can’t be said of her leaking boobs.


The star tweeted, “I left the house without breast pads and started leaking all over myself at the #Wolsley”. Journalist Caitlin Moran tweeted back asking, “What’s your milk-pressure like?” before going on to say she used to be able to use her boobs like guns, hitting things ten feet away. After Lily confirmed this distance sounded about right, Caitlin went on to suggest Lily could put the Olympic torch out. That’s a conversation we bet Lily never thought she’d have…

Lily seemed pretty chuffed with her achievements, urging a follower that breast feeding is “BEAUTIFUL!!!!!” describing them as “not just #sexyfunbags, they be [sic] feeding implements too.”

From her morning sickness embarrassments to leaky boobs, we’re loving Lily keep-it-real Cooper!


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