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Pregnant Lily Allen tweets she won't breastfeed, but only as a joke

Lily Allen causes a stir amongst her Twitter followers by jokingly announcing she is "not going to breastfeed"

Lily Allen's wicked sense of humour caused a mini Twitter uproar yesterday, when the singer tweeted that she was not going to breastfeed.


The mini-fued began when Caitlin Moran, a newspaper columnist, replied to one of Lily's tweet-stories about walking down the road showing her knickers with, "wait until you start breastfeeding. I've got off the bus with a tit hanging out."

Lily replied to Caitlin's tweet, "I'm not going to breastfeed."

Many of Lily's followers were quick to respond. "Let's hope the breastfeeding nazi aren't following!" tweeted one, while another said, "Oh Lily never ever admit that publicly!"

"P.S. I have every intention of breastfeeding, just fancied antagonising the milk mafia. MEGALOLZ," tweeted Lily a few seconds later, swiftly stopping the Twitter-war that was about to commence.

"It's for tweets like that that you're worth following," one fan replied.

Lily isn't the first celeb to raise the subject of breastfeeding on the social networking site. Myleene Klass told mums to ignore the "breastapo" and Kym Marsh spoke out against fans who accused her of being "vain" and "lazy" when she admitted she had stopped breastfeeding.



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