Pregnant Lily Allen feels like a penguin

Mum-to-be Lily tweets about her pregnancy discomforts, chocolate cravings and her new love of knitting!


Last week, pregnant Lily Allen was busy stirring up a Twitter debate on breastfeeding, but this week, she’s kept it more lowkey, tweeting about her pregnancy discomforts. Lily’s revealed, “I can’t see my toes and I’m not bendy anymore!”


Lily, 26, who is about six months pregnant, has been sharing her baby bump woes via the social networking site. “I feel like a penguin,” Lily tweeted. “Not the chocolate covered biscuity kind, but an actual penguin that waddles.”

A few minutes later, with penguins on her mind and pregnancy cravings to satisfy, Lily admitted, “Now I can’t stop thinking about chocolately penguins, doh!”

It also seems Lily is nesting and has been busy preparing for her new arrival – by knitting!

“I’m being taught how to knit. I’m so not rock ‘n’ roll anymore. I’m embroidering too and I’m actually in the process of making cushions.”

Lily also took the time to congratulate Amanda Holden, who announced her pregnancy joy yesterday.

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