It's always just a bit reassuring to discover celeb mums and dads have to endure the same trials and tribulations of parenthood as us mere mortals, right?


Which is probs why we're giving a big sympathetic head-nod to this pic posted by Lily Allen on her Instagram account. We don't know which of her daughters it's of, but one thing's for certain: the Allen household is under head lice siege.

Lily captioned the image with a one-word explanation - 'nits' - and her followers were quick to sympathise and offer up their tried-and-tested critter killing tactics that Lily could try on poor old Marnie, 3, and Ethel, 4.

One suggested ongoing vigilance to stop attacks in their tracks, writing: "We comb every Sunday!! I have 3 girls", while another recommended a specific treatment, saying: "had them last week ? Full Marks solution worked in minutes."

However, other brand loyalty came in to play with another of her followers who stated "Hedrin ALWAYS" in a firm, no-nonsense comment.

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Loads of conditioner and a good going-through with a metal nit comb was the most frequently proffered solution to Lily's itchy problem though.

We hope she gets it under control soon - we've all been there and that creepy-crawly feeling on your scalp is not nice, right?

(Although of course given the ongoing regularity with which little ones seem to pick up head lice, we reckon this won't be the last time Lily's playing nit nurse ? ).

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Pic: Lily Allen/Instagram

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