OMG! These new LOL Surprise dolls have hair you can COMB

The latest LOL Surprise #Hairgoals dolls are possibly our favourite of the lot so far...


Just in case you thought the LOL Surprise frenzy was over – think again!


The super popular collectables are back with a new series of 12 dolls that have soft hair you can actually brush ?

What are the new LOL Surprise Makeover Series Hairgoals dolls like?

As with the previous series of dolls, you have no idea which one you’re getting so the surprise element is still there.

The dolls come in a very cool hairspray can holder (colours vary – but we love the bright pink and gold ones in particular) and you’ll also get accessories including a magic mirror, shoes, a bottle, comb, hair curlers, an outfit, stickers. Per toy, there are 15 surprises.


What does MFM think of the new LOL Surprise series?

Here at MFM we know our LOL Surprise toys pretty much inside out and we have to say: we think this new series is a bit of a winner.

They’re really brightly coloured and cute, the hair is easy to brush and style, and we like the fact there seem to be some nods to a few of our favourite pop icons, like Gwen Stefani, in the way the dolls are styled.

The spray can holder looks cool and comes with a detachable plastic handle. One of our mums said her daughter loved carrying her doll in it all day around London, though it did crack open a few times and sent some of the contents flying, so be sure to check everything’s properly closed if you don’t want bits lost.


In addition, you can get trading cards with the new characters on. If you’re child’s a massive fan, you might want to invest in the collectors’ card display book, too, which you can grab at any high street WHSmith store.

Where can I get the new LOL Surprise dolls series and what do they cost?

You can get the dolls for £15.99 each at all reputable toy stores. You can buy them from Amazon and Very.

They’ll also be available from The Entertainer on Thursday 28 February (you can pre-order here).

Images: Product websites / Tara Breathnach

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