London rioter dad brags about looting goods for his baby son

A teenage looter boasts about stealing supplies for his baby son and family… oh, and a plasma TV


A 16-year-old dad has been bragging about the goods he stole during the London riots this week.


“Everything we wanted we could get…I done this basically to provide for my family, innit. Like, I got some stuff for my son and I got some stuff for me, like some clothes, trainers,” the looter told Sky News.

After being questioned about his son, the young dad responded, “Yeah (laughs) I had to get some stuff for him. I got him clothes, nappies, powder…the whole Johnson [& Johnson] set,” reports the Mirror.

Despite his actions being a criminal offence, the arrogant dad claimed he felt no guilt “because I’m watching my plasma that I just got. It feels like Christmas came early, ya know?”

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