Look who we met at the Toy Fair!

MFM bumped into some familiar faces at the toy extravaganza last week - from Sonic the Hedgehog to erm, Craig Phillips from Big Brother...

MEGO ninja

Giant Mr. Potato Head

Playmobil men hang out

Harry Potter has a LEGO makeover

and erm, Craig Phillips!

If a fairytale land filled with toys, gadgets and gizmos existed, this would be it. Yes, we’re talking about the Toy Fair which took place at London’s Olympia last week.


MFM headed to the event prepared… Flat shoes – check. Camera – check. Autograph book – check (well, you NEVER know who you’ll bump into…) Luckily for us, the Toy Fair didn’t disappoint as we bumped into the gaming legend Sonic the Hedgehog.

“Fancy seeing you here!” we said, trying to act cool whilst he was showing off his impressive Sonic moves. A hand shake and a picture later, off he sprinted to make someone else’s day.

Next up, whilst walking along the LEGO brick road, we came across this angry looking LEGO ninja dude. Looking mean and rather stiff, we were tempted to build him a smile out of bricks but instead, we marvelled at the equisite detail of the statue and was making a mental guess at just how many LEGO bricks it took to create him…

As we made our way through all the weird and wonderful toys, we looked up and we spied Toy Story‘s Mr. Potato head hanging out on the ceiling of the Hasbro stand, you know, as you do. Later on we spotted two oversized Playmobil handy men chilling at their stand.

Another fab LEGO spotting was the Harry Potter clan – well, not the actual people, but their LEGO alter-egos!


Finishing off our day of random spottings, we stumbled across Big Brother winner Craig Phillips building a replica of Big Ben out of building blocks – who says there isn’t life after Big Brother?!

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