Lorraine Kelly, 53, has spoken about how, when her daughter was young, she suffered terribly from “working mother guilt”.


Her daughter Rosie is now 19, but when she was little, Lorraine told Woman & Home: “I remember sitting on delayed trains, desperate to be back at home with her. Although I've always turned up for work and never asked for time off.

“The only time I did was when Rosie was two and a half and playing Mary in the school nativity. My radio bosses at the time said I couldn't go but I took it off anyway and have never regretted it.”

The TV presenter has worked on TV-am, GMTV, ITV Breakfast and Daybreak. She established her successful career when Rosie was a baby.

When Rosie was 5, Lorraine suffered a miscarriage, where she was rushed to hospital. “I was 10 weeks pregnant. Looking back, I did that stiff upper lip thing and went back to work too quickly. It wasn’t until Christmas that year that I allowed myself to think about what had happened, and then the emotion hit,” she said.

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Now, Lorraine and her teenage daughter, Rosie, share a close bond.

Rosie said: “My mother is no domestic goddess – she can’t even cook an egg! But she is wonderful at cheering me up and being bonkers in the nicest possible way.

“Her most annoying habit is she dances around the kitchen with her hips swaying, singing away, not knowing the correct song lyrics. I have to leave the room!”

Lorraine told the magazine that she avoided red carpet events when Rosie was little. “I want to give Rosie as ‘normal’ an upbringing as possible, so try to avoid red carpet events and star studded parties.

“When she was growing up I was just 'Rosie's Mum'. No one took a second glance at the school gates and that's how it should be.”

Yesterday, we reported on a new parenting book that said that research shows that working mums are happier than stay-at-home mums. What do you think of this theory, and of “working mother guilt”?