Love Island’s Cara and Nathan reveal they’ll change their son’s “mouthful” name after marriage

It would seem that little Freddie-George De La Hoyde-Massey won’t be keeping his lengthy double barrel surname forever...


It’s a tricky one, when you and your partner don’t share a surname, and you’ve got to decide on one for your new baby.


There are just so many options to choose from – just yours, just theirs, both, one as a middle name, or invent a new name altogether ?

As if landing on a cracking first name – and perhaps even more than one middle name – isn’t enough stress! ???

But Love Island couple Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey have their solution for baby Freddie-George’s surname all figured out: he’ll have both mum and dad’s surnames as a double-barrel, for the time being, anyway…

“It’s a mouthful his name, isn’t it?” new dad Nathan admits to MFM, during a chat at our MadeForMums Awards judging.

“He’s gotta learn it,” Cara agrees. “Obviously, he’s got a double-barrel surname, so when he goes to school that’ll be a bit of a mouthful… until we get married.

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“Once we get married then we’ll all be Massey, but until then he’s having both.”

“De La Hoyde’s a bit of a tongue twister!” jokes Nathan.

We have to admit, we’ve not heard of many parents changing from a double-barrel surname into a single one post-wedding. It’s certainly an interesting idea, right?

Especially for other couples who do plan to have the same surname when they marry, but have a while to wait until they tie the knot…

Now, obviously, picking all elements of your baby’s name is a super personal decision. That goes for first names, too.

Clearly fans of the double barrel, Cara and Nathan decided to forego the middle name in favour of another dash…

“When we got back together, I was like, ‘I like the name Freddie-George’ and I was expecting a moan, because he’s a man and they like moaning,” Cara shares with us.

“So I thought he was going to moan about something, but he just went ‘yeah, that’s nice, I really like it’.”

Nathan, it seems, was easily pleased. “I like old English gentleman names, like Archie, Albie, Albert – anything like that I was happy with.”

The double-barrel also offers a variety of nicknames that work at all stages of life, Cara explains.

“When he gets older, Fred works as a dad, and as a granddad. I always call him Fred, [Nathan] calls him Freddie.

“Obviously, when he’s older and he’s in trouble, it’ll be Freddie-George. Not able to do that yet…”

We reckon Freddie-George is a gorge first name, and his current and future surnames are pretty great, too ?

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