Loads of our MFMers love a tattoo: we recently asked you to share pics of ink you'd got done after having your kids and got a huge response.


And you really liked the miscarriage tattoo one of our mums shared as a tribute to the baby she'd lost.

Now, there's a really sweet tattoo campaign doing the rounds: it's called #LuckyFewTattoo and is a tattoo with 3 arrows to symbolise the 3 chromosome 21s that people with Down's Syndrome have.

The idea came from a group of mums at a meet up for parents of children with Down's Syndrome in Austin, Texas, USA.

And now it's spread across the world...

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So much so that mums in the UK - like the ones below, in Cornwall - have been getting the #LuckyFewTattoos done too, in time for World Down's Syndrome Day on 21 March 2018.


Speaking of the symbolism of the design, mum Mica May, from the group who originally came up with the idea, said this: "The design means so many things to me and to so many of #theluckyfew.

"Three, for that third extra magic 21st chromosome Jackson has and the arrows are the perfect symbol because you can’t move forward without first being pulled back and stretched. ? "


Images: About Her on Twitter / Jacquie Merrington on Twitter

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