Madonna and daughter Lourdes have secret plastic surgery pact

Queen of Pop's teenage daughter has asked her mum to ditch the cosmetic surgery and grow old gracefully


Age-defying Madonna has allegedly decided to stay away from cosmetic surgery or anti-ageing procedures after her 14-year-old daughter Lourdes begged her to steer clear and grow old gracefully.


According to sources at Look magazine, the 52-year-old Queen of Pop has taken her teenage daughter’s advice and the pair have made a ‘pact’ which includes no chemical peels, botox or plastic surgery in the future.

“Lourdes was honest in telling her how much it scared her after she heard some horror stories about surgery,” the unnamed source revealed. “She mentioned to Madonna that she’d like her to avoid having surgery, simply because she thinks she looks good the way she is.”

Despite rumours that Madonna’s children have to book weekly appointments for ‘mum time’ with her, Madonna and Lourdes have a close relationship and it’s believed that Madonna is aware that her actions could rub off on her impressionable teen daughter.

“Madonna really wants to set a good example and teach Lourdes to love and accept herself,” the source added.

Now that Madonna has promised Lourdes that she’ll keep away from any surgery, we wonder if Madge will keep her mitts off Lourdes’ clothes?!

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