Madonna can adopt Mercy

Malawi’s high court waives local law for Madonna

Today, Malawi’s high court has ruled that Madonna can adopt a Malawi girl, reports No further details are able to be made available at the moment though, a spokesperson for the attorney general’s office said.


Madonna, 50, took her case to adopt to Chifundo James, whose first name means ‘Mercy’, to the high court after a lower court ruled the adoption wasn’t in line with local law. Local law requires those wanting to adopt to live in Malawi for 18 months before permission can be given. This rule was waived when Madonna adopted a Malawian boy, David Benda, in 2006.

On June 9, we reported how judges in Malawi had reversed the decision to block the adoption process. At that time, human rights groups raised concerns over the star’s decision to adopt, stating that she was receiving preferential treatment because of her fame.

Now, child rights group Eye of the Child, who was previous amongst those opposed to the adoption, has told CNN that it’s happy with the court ruling.

“There was legal confusion about this case. We are happy that the high court is able now to give us direction. This provides an important precedent,” said Maxwell Matewere, executive director of Eye of the Child.


Do you think Madonna will be a good mum? Has she gotten special treatment because of her celeb status? Let us know below…

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