David Copperfield’s an even better magician than we thought. He’s managed to keep his baby daughter under wraps for 16 months, not to mention his French model girlfriend’s pregnancy for nine before that!

The couple secretly celebrated the birth of their baby girl last year, but have given no clues of her existence until now. We can now tell you - 16 months after the fact - they've named their baby Sky!

The controversial 54-year-old conjurer is used to making things disappear, but now his agent reckons he’ll have a more practical use for his talent. “Forget vanishing the Statue of Liberty, David’s next illusion will be disappearing the dirty diaper. A lot more practical,” joked his spokesman.

David and his girlfriend and baby mama, Chloe Gosselin, 26, have been seen out and about with their toddler in New York, the Bahamas and Las Vegas.

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