Here at MFM HQ, we'll be the first to admit Myleene Klass isn't always our cup of tea.


We were a teensy bit shocked when she dressed her kids as herself (yep) for World Book Day, and we weren't sure how right she was to stir up that £10 present row (remember that?)

But we have to say our jaws dropped when we read the take a national news site took on this story about Myles sharing pics of her little girl in one of her own swimsuit designs on Instagram.

There will always be judgmental headlines out there - but this one really took the biscuit for us tbh.

The headline reads: "Shameless Myleene invades her little girl's privacy by using picture of her in swimsuit to promote her range for Mothercare."

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They don't stop at Myleene's little girl Hero, though (who is obvs being exploited even though you can't see her face) and have a go at the self-styled "mumpreneur" for her get up saying:

"After posting the picture of her daughter, she shared another supposed holiday snap of herself wearing a cut-out black and gold-studded swimsuit from her line.

"And earlier in her holiday she posted a photo of herself doing a yoga pose in one of her bikinis, with a less than subtle link to the Littlewoods online store."

We're pretty sure it's standard practise for slebs to do this ALL the time.

In fact we actually think it would be a bit strange if she was wearing another designer's line ?

For sure, if we had our own kids' clothing label (that would be SO cool ?) we'd be pretty proud of it, so we'd definitely be putting our kids in it and sharing the snaps all OVER social media.

What do you think?

Does this headline have a point? Is Myleene exploiting her child - or is she just doing what stars do all the time?

Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

Photos: Myleene Klass on Instagram

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