Male contraception: could it be better than the Pill?

Contraceptive injection for men is more effective than the Pill.


A male contraceptive injection is 99% effective in preventing pregnancy, a two-year trial has discovered.


This is more effective than the Pill, which sees 1%-2% of women become pregnant whilst taking it.

This was the first large-scale trial of the male jab, a testosterone injection. The trial involved more than 1,000 fertile men between the ages of 20 to 45 who had each fathered at least one baby in the past two years, with female partners aged 18 to 38 years who had no reproductive problems. The men had the jab monthly for over two-and-a-half years.

No serious side effects were noted, and the men’s fertility was back to normal again within a few months of the injections being stopped in all but two of the men involved.

Currently, for couples that can’t or prefer not to use female contraception, the main alternatives have been vasectomy, condoms and withdrawal.

Couples, especially those in new relationships, should still remember they need to use a condom to be protected against STIs.

The male jab is some way off being made available to the public though, with more research into its affect on the heart and prostate are needed. 


Would you like your partner to have a jab, so you can ditch the pills? Let us know…


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