Male infertility on the rise

With low sperm counts found in 1 in 5 young men, male fertility causes 40% of conception problems


A Danish report has claimed that rising male infertility is ‘as important as global warming’. Stating that rising male infertility is becoming a serious ‘public health issue’, the report claims that men are at the root of 40% of couples’ conception issues.


The reasons for this are not certain but there are suggestions that male fertility begins to develop in the womb. “Sperm counts are declining and there is mounting evidence that the problem starts even before birth,” said Dr Gillian Lockwood from the Midland Fertility Services.

Factors affecting pregnant women such as diet and exposure to pollutants may have a significant effect on the development of future fertility in the foetus. It’s thought that daily habits like eating lots of beef during pregnancy can increase the amount of potentially damaging chemicals the foetus is exposed to.


More research is needed in this area to investigate the but there are environmental factors at work. However, a healthy diet and exercise can help men to improve their fertility before trying to conceive.

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