Man told he’s pregnant with twins!

Hospital sent middle-aged man a letter asking him to attend an ultrasound as he could be expecting twins


A hospital has apologised to a middle-aged man after he was sent a letter informing him he could be pregnant with twins and needed an ultrasound to confirm it!


Hilton Plettall, 50, from Norwich thought it was a prank when he received a letter that asked him to attend an ultrasound for his pregnancy, and was even addressed to ‘Mr’

“Please attend with a full bladder which is important for your planned ultrasound,” read the letter. “An ultrasound is used to check the pregnancy, to determine how far pregnant you are, and sometimes it can show twins.”

The letter from Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital even came with a sticker indicating Hilton as ‘male’.

While the hospital has apologised, a bemused Hilton says him and his ‘bump’ are now the butt of his friends jokes!

“I get ‘Oh, mother and baby coming through’,” he said. “A few of my friends have told me to turn up at Norwich Hospital wearing a wig.”


Hilton thinks that although he doesn’t have any children, he’d cope pretty well with the pain of labour. What on earth gave him that impression?

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