Not one to keep things low key, singer Mariah Carey has previously spoken about wanting to start a family with her hubby Nick Cannon and has even got the names picked out!

However, rumour has it that the diva’s baby making plans aren’t going to schedule, so she is putting a two month time limit on it. “Mariah feels incredibly blessed to have a solid marriage and soaring career – but now her primary goal is motherhood,” a source told Showbiz Spy.

The singer is taking her baby planning so seriously, she has been checking out prospective babies for her plan B. “They have lined up several potential adoption agencies. They’ve also looked up baby profiles online and Mariah is completely enamored with two mix-raced baby girls and one cute-as-a-button baby boy as adoption possibilities.” And what Mariah wants…

Another showbiz couple who are looking into adopting a baby is David Arquette and Courteney Cox. Confirming that 45-year-old Courteney is not pregnant with her second child as was speculated last week, they are considering adoption instead.

Already parents to 6-year-old Coco, they previously admitted struggling to conceive and used IVF treatment. “It takes a lot for us to do IVF, so maybe adoption. I like practising as much as possible, but it’s hard…I’m exhausted!” David revealed on US chat show, The Bonnie Hunt Show.

Meanwhile their daughter Coco sounds like she’s growing up to be just like her mum! “She’s a little messy so that’s sort of on my side, but she’s very strong willed which is very Courteney-like,” he revealed.