Mariah Carey gets a dog psychologist to prepare pets for her twins

Pregnant singer doesn’t want her pet pooches feeling jealous when her babies arrive

With Mariah Carey’s pampered Jack Russell dogs currently the apple of her eye, in true Mariah style, she has called in the experts to help her dogs deal with her twin babies imminent arrival!


The three Jack Russell pooches are apparently going through training with a dog psychologist to make sure they don’t feel jealous of her newborn twins.

News of Mariah’s dog training hot on the heels of a recent survey by MyVoucherCodes that found 24% of parents-to-be get ‘rid’ of their pets before their baby arrives.

Instead of preparing their pets for the new baby like Mariah, they decide to give it to relatives or have it re-homed. The survey found that 41% admit it’s due to safety concerns and 18% say it’s because they think the pressure of looking after a child and pet will be too much.


If you’re concerned about pet safety once your baby arrives, check out our family safety advice on  how to live with pets and children.

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