Mariah Carey to design maternity range?

Pregnant singer keen to join the ranks of celebrities who’ve created their own range of maternity fashion

Mariah Carey has explained how her changing shape during pregnancy is inspiring her to create her own maternity fashion.


“It makes me really want to design a maternity line,” she said. The singer is already designing a clothing range for the Home Shopping Network in the US and is looking to move into styling mums-to-be.

Mariah, who is expecting her first child with husband Nick Cannon, has also explained why she was so keen to keep her pregnancy under wraps after suffering a miscarriage in 2008.

“I became extra superstitious and overly cautious because of what we had gone through a year and a half ago, so didn’t want to talk about it publicly for a long time during the first trimester.”


And in other good news for the star, her latest Christmas album has debuted in the top five in the US.

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