Mariah Carey’s daughter is a diva at 4 months

Monroe's personality is just like Mariah's, whereas twin Morrocan takes after his more relaxed dad Nick Cannon


Mariah Carey has been known in the past for her diva moments so it is no surprise that her 4-month-old twin daughter Monroe is taking after her mum.


“When Monroe is asleep she is so quiet and cute. But as soon as she wakes up that is it. She is crying and screaming and making a lot of noise,” said dad Nick Cannon.

“But my son Morrocan is more chilled and relaxed. He will lie there for a minute or two working out if he is hungry yet or if he wants a hug. He is more chilled out. They are just like me and Mariah,” added Nick, reports Showbiz Spy.

Monroe was even acting like a diva at only 7-weeks-old, as you can see in the snapshot Mariah released of her baby girl holding her hand in front of the camera.

However it is not just Mariah’s attitude, Monroe is taking after – the singer recently revealed that her 4-month-old twins already have over 50 pairs of shoes, despite not being able to walk yet.

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