Marketing campaign to make carrots cool

Baby carrots are being launched as the new ‘anti-junk food’ in the US to get children eating them at lunchtime


Taking inspiration from current junk food advertisements, American carrot growers have joined together to launch a $25 million marketing campaign in a bid to make carrots cool.


With the back to school period about to start, carrot companies are hoping that a new brand campaign run by agency Crispin Porter & Bogusky will make the mini baby carrots just as appealing to children as junk foods ads.

“It’s not an anti-junk food campaign. It takes a page out of the junk food’s playbook and applies it to baby carrots,” Bolthouse Farms CEO Jeff Dunn told USA Today.

The Doritos-style bags of carrots will be sold in school vending machines around the US, alongside slogans saying, “The original orange doodles”. There are even talks of having ‘Scarrots’ at Halloween and introducing cartoon characters.


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