Marvin Humes cuddles Alai-Mai in intimate snapshot

Is dad feeling protective after Rochelle's minor traffic accident?


Rochelle Humes couldn’t resist sharing this picture of her hubby Marvin and daughter Alai-Mai.


Locked in an intimate embrace, the picture suggests Marvin is feeling particularly protective of his daughter after she was involved in a minor traffic accident last week.

After the accident, Rochelle received a flurry of tweets from concerned fans and was quick to reassure them.

She tweeted: “Hey guys, just seen your tweets! Me and Alaia okay, someone drove into the back of us, not very nice but could have been worse x.”

“Sometimes the shock is worse, just worried about her! But all is fine now. Thanks for all of your sweet msgs xxx.”

It’s a busy time for Marvin as he’s just been announced as a co-host for BBC music show The Voice. We’re glad he’s still taking time out for cuddles with Alai-Mai! 

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