Megan Fox: first pics of new baby Bodhi

Ninja Turtles actress Megan Fox shares previously unseen pictures of her 2-month-old baby Bodhi and her toddler son Noah on the Ellen DeGeneres show


Actress Megan Fox has been rather shy when it comes to showing off her newborn son Bodhi.


But now she’s finally shared a picture of her 2-month-old son, as well as previously unseen pictures of her older 19-month-old son Noah.

Appearing on US TV’s Ellen DeGeneres show, the 27-year-old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles star shared a collage of pictures of her two boys.

“Bodhi is the little chubby one,” she said, “and then Noah is the one with the lips.”

She also told host Ellen, “I got pregnant with Bodhi 2 weeks into filming Ninja Turtles“, and when Ellen joked about Bodhi not being planned, Megan replied: “The first one wasn’t planned either. I mean, we can’t let Brian near me any more!”

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