Mel C – “My baby saved me from bulimia”

Former Spice Girl opens up about how becoming a mum helped her overcome the eating disorder

Popstar Mel C has credited her daughter for saving her from the eating disorder bulimia. Melanie Chisholm, or “Sporty Spice” in the Spice Girls, opened up about how getting pregnant with her daughter Scarlet helped her beat the illness.


“Scarlet hasn’t just changed my life, she’s saved it,” Melanie told She Magazine. “As my bump grew, the more proud I became of my body and suddenly I felt more comfortable eating healthily,” she explained.

“I put on almost 50lb and I certainly wasn’t in any rush to shed my baby weight. There’s too much pressure on mums to ping back into shape,” Mel continued.

The singer has struggled with her weight in the Spice Girls, with the eyes of the world’s media on her. “I felt like I wasn’t in control of my life, I was public property and I was fixated on my body image,” she said. “Controlling my food was a way of fighting back and not feeling powerless.”

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