Memory loss mum keeps baby diary

Meningitis survivor can’t remember giving birth to her son - or even when she last fed him


Karen Wilkinson-Wigham, 37, was diagnosed with TB meningitis four years ago, and has been left with severe short term memory loss. Determined not to miss out on precious memories, Karen started to note down everything in her very own baby diary when she was pregnant.


“I can’t remember George being born,” mum Karen, from Lancashire, told the Sunday People. “I can’t even remember when I last fed him so I am making the memories of him by writing everything down in a notebook which never leaves my side.”

In fact, when baby George was born weighing 7lb last month, within the hour Karen had made her first entry as a mum in her special diary, writing: “Just got back from the delivery room. George born at five minutes past ten, what a wonderful sight!”


Saying she fully intends to keep up with her mummy diary, Karen says she wants to be able to use it to answer George’s questions when he’s older without drawing a blank.


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