MFM embraces Christmas in July

Evolution PR came over all festive as they unveiled some of their coolest toys for Christmas – and of course, we were there!


With clear skies and soaring temperatures it’s a great day to have…. a Christmas press show! 


It may seem weird celebrating the festive season so early on, we should be having picnics instead of mince pies, but MFM is on a mission. We want to find the best Christmas toys out there.

Greeted with a drink and a yummy scone, the Evolution’s annuall Christmas in July press show didn’t fail to impress. Surrounded by some of the biggest names in the industry, we were taken over by Christmas treats and gifts galore.

Catching our eye from across the room was a colourful underwater creature blowing bubbles. Curiosity was taking over, so MFM went to investigate and we’re glad we did. The Octobubble Orchestra from Vtech introduces sea animals and instruments to your baby through the magic of songs. An infectious play and a steal at £19.99, it’s an ideal bath time playmate for your little one to giggle at.

Just around the corner was the faint sound of an engine loading, choo choo…all aboard! Yes, Thomas is back and better than ever. The Follow Me Thomas is a great toy, just point the light from the lantern and it won’t be long before he starts rolling along. Perfect for any train-loving tot, it’s a splurge buy at £44.99.

Little ones can once again fix it with Bob’s Deluxe Construction Tower. A real treat for any budding builders, this two-storey playset collapses down when all the fun is over. With one quick movement, Bob’s site will once again be up and running – fun and efficient.

Strolling around we couldn’t help but notice one woodland critter causing a stir among the young girls at the show. After closer inspection, the fuss seemed to be over Milky the Bunny, a cuddly toy for 3-year-olds that wiggles his ears, giggles and likes being feed his carrot. An expensive buy at a £50, it really seemed to be a winner with the little ones. 


Forget giving socks as a stocking filler and say hello to the Angry Birds Teddies. At £4.99, they’re a great tiny treat for any game loving dad. Taken from the much loved app, when squeezed these little wonders squeal like the birds on the game. They could even be used as a stress reliever…just what every dad (and mum!) needs.

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