MFM’s exclusive look at the LeapPad2 and LeapsterGS

We spent the morning getting to grips with LeapFrog’s latest gadgets...and boy, are they addictive!


After the success of the LeapPad tablet last year, MFM was excited to see what new gadgets LeapPad would be showcasing for 2012,  .


And of course, they didn’t disappoint!

First, MFM was introduced to the LeapPad2, an upgrade of the interactive tablet for children the brand launched last year.

It’s a touch-screen tablet learning system for kids aged 3-9 years and retails at £89.99. The device is full of educational games, creative activities and e-books for your little one to enjoy at home, on holiday, or even on the go.

It comes with a built in front-and-rear camera so that your tot can take photos or record videos of some of his latest adventures. It has an extended battery life compared to the original LeapPad and comes with an increased 4GB memory. Very impressive!

What really stood out to MFM was the new Cartoon Director and Art Studio app. Your child can take their picture, record their voice, animate characters and then create their very own cartoon. It’s great fun for all the family and means bedtime can be extra special with a story that your tot has created himself.

Even celeb dad Peter Andre has jumped on the LeapPad2 bandwagon, saying, “The whole interactive thing – it’s where technology for kids is. We need to let [parents] know how cool this is.”

The other gadget your child will want to find in his stocking on Christmas day is the hotly-anticipated LeapsterGS. Looking like a funkier version of the PSP, it’s a learning video game system that delivers fast-action gameplay with rich learning, and retails at just £64.99.

As the successor to the Leapster Explorer, it’s thinner and sleeker in design and comes with a higher-quality screen, built-in motion sensor with camera and video recorder, and a 2GB internal memory.

We particularly loved the pet app, where your child can feed, play, stroke and look after his very own animal. With great interaction bars to show whether your pup is happy, sad or hungry, it takes MFM back to the good old days of the Tamagotchis. It’s retro-inspired technology!

We also loved the app ‘Escape of the Sillies’ that immerses your child into the game with built-in camera and face-morphing technology, while building his maths skills.

LeapFrog has made this innovative technology look like, er, child’s play!

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